When you’re dealing with a paranormal entity, it doesn’t take long to realize there are a number of different types of spirits and entities to consider. If you are experiencing paranormal events or a haunting, it’s important to understand the types of spiritual entities that you may be dealing with.

What is a paranormal entity?

The word “entity” is used to describe something that seems to have its own form of existence. Any distinct thing is an entity, whether it is living or non-living. What makes something an entity means it simply exists and is distinctly different from other things around it. Paranormal experts use the word “entity” because little is known about these beings other than the fact that they do exist and interact with our world in predictable and unpredictable ways.

Paranormal Entity Types

Researchers classify entities into various types due to the different experiences paranormal investigators have when they deal with hauntings and other activities. The phenomenon itself can appear manipulative and unpredictable at times. It’s easier to explain an unknown cause of an event if you can classify it into a category.

A Haunting Ghost

Also referred to as a “residual haunting,” this type of entity appears to be a recording of energy that replays itself over and over again. Hauntings usually exist in a location where a person or animal repeats the same task over and over like it did during its life. Most investigators believe that through this repetition, a psychic imprint is left within that space. This can remain long after the person or animal has passed away. Investigators have reported seeing people in period clothing walking through lobbies or down hallways, or peering out the window of an old home. Most often, the history of a location includes a person who experienced very strong emotions. If the emotion was strong enough, even as a one-time event, an imprint may have been made thus leaving the energy of that moment forever playing in time.

An Apparition

Unlike hauntings, apparitions interact intelligently with people in the living world. These spirits may knock, open and close doors or cupboards, move objects, answer questions intelligently, and even interact with electronic equipment such as flashlights and Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) meters. Spirits are made up of energies of varying power levels, and they take energy out of their environment in order to manifest interactions. As a result, a room may become colder, electronic equipment may fail, or batteries become drained.

The Poltergeists

The poltergeists are referred to as “noisy ghosts.” Many people think they are a specific type of entity. However, in actuality, poltergeist activity is the manifestation of certain types of activity that can be attributed to either apparitions or living people, where objects appear to move on their own. This can occur through the use of telekinesis (also known as psychokinesis or PK). PK is essentially bursts of psychic energy that can cause objects to move, doors to open, knocking sounds, and more. For more info, click here to learn about types of hauntings.

Religious Entities Also Considered To Be Paranormal

There is a crossover between religion and the paranormal especially in the case of certain entities. These are paranormal in nature although they also fit within religious theologies. The entities below come from Christianity and even some other religions, although many people also believe they fall within the category of paranormal entities.


Demonic entities can take on various forms.

Demons are entities of pure darkness and evil. Some also believe these are fallen angels. Evidence from possessed individuals, and extremely violent poltergeist cases, suggest a form of a violent and hateful entity. These cases involve anything from objects flying across the room to shoves and pushes from invisible forces. People have also reported being pinned down, punched, slapped, scratched, and thrown by unseen assailants. As terrifying as such cases are, these are also the rarest.


If you believe in the existence of demons, then you should also believe in their benevolent counterparts, the Angels. Angels are popular in many religions. In Christianity, angels are believed to be beings God created to help serve his greatest good. Outside of Christianity, one may take a looser view of angels by considering them more like Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels. No matter the source of creation, these entities are aligned with you to help and to guide.

Other Paranormal Entities

Other paranormal types of entities come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and belief systems.


Elementals in this category includes spiritual entities that are a natural part of the planet. The following is just a small example of the numerous types of elementals, and may include:

  • Faeries – not to be confused with fairies. Most believe a fairy and a faerie are the same thing with different spellings. They are not. A fairy is a young and pure spirit that elevates people to higher levels of service. Unlike fairies, faeries are considered evil and mischievous. They are often portrayed as thieves and are known for stealing.
  • Leprechauns – A mischievous elf of Irish folklore who likes to play pranks.
  • Gnomes – An earth elemental that lives in stones and trees and guards earths underground treasures.
  • Nymphs – A spirit of nature, usually depicted as a beautiful maiden that inhabits rivers, woods, or other locations.
  • Sprites – A fairy-like creature who dwells near water or depicted as an ethereal entity.

Incubus or Succubus

An incubus or succubus is a demonic entity that seduces and has sex with humans in their sleep. An incubus is a male demon, while a succubus is a female demon. Folklore sometimes attributes the succubus to Lilith, the first wife of Adam in some versions of Judaism and Christianity.


Tulpas are thought projections that take form in the physical world. These come from powerful and persistent thoughts by a single individual, or a group of individuals, that create the physical form of what they imagine.

Looking For Indisputable Proof

For now, much of what is known about any type of paranormal entity is still just a hypothesis. My hope is that paranormal investigators may one day gather enough evidence to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that these phenomenon truly exists. Until then, happy hunting! Be sure to drop any comments or your thoughts below!

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