There are many reasons why you may come across a shadow person in your life. Many times a shadow person will appear as a tall, dark male presence wearing what appears to be a long dark coat or cloak type garment. Though threatening to some, a Shadow Spirit is oftentimes nothing to fear. Given that pop culture often provokes the fear that a shadow person is evil, don’t always be so quick to label it as such.

If you have seen shadows around, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are seeing something dark, evil or negative – although sometimes it can. Shadow Spirits are often a manifestation of dense energy. Spirits with a dense energetic makeup can give the illusion of a darker presence.

Did you know there is a variety of these types of Spirits that appear this way? In addition, did you know there is also a variety of reasons why they do? Here are just a few:

The Good Ones

Light Spirits, such as deceased loved ones, Spirit Guides, and Angels, can lower their vibration to appear to us on this plane. In doing so, they can gather their collective energetic molecules in the surrounding environment which can create a dense energy mass, through which they can appear to us.

Sometimes the only way a spirit can manifest is to form dense energy. If this dense energy mass happens to pass between a physical light source and a wall, door or solid background of some kind, a shadow can be cast or visibly seen. Or, their energy is so dense that they appear to just be a dark mass in their appearance.

If you see a Shadow Spirit, such as in the case of these types of benevolent Spirits passing by, it may just be your Guides, Angels, or loved ones. If this way of appearance is frightening to you, simply ask the Spirit to try to appear to you in another way.

The Protectors

Are you going through a vulnerable phase in life such as an intense period of soul growth, an emotional unraveling, a period of depression or a heavy change of any kind?

Guardian Spirits are often appointed to you to protect your personal energy and soul as you sleep. This act serves to protect you from dangerous or predatory Spirits from coming into your life during this period of temporary weakness. Why? Because when we are in this vulnerable state, we unknowingly allow much darker entities to infiltrate our lives.

Guardian Spirits often appear to those they watch over as dark, heavy and dense energy masses. In addition, they often do not speak, have any facial or bodily features, and they often appear masculine in body type. Because of this, they will likely not communicate with you. Why is this? To put it quite simply, it is not their job. Think of them as guards, like a Kings Guard, or something like that. Their job is to watch, protect and guard you, not to socialize or to pass on messages.

If you are going through a period like this, whether you are male or female, and you see a Shadow at the foot of your bed, this is likely what it is. Again, this is a protective Spirit and there is no reason for fear.

If this sounds like you, as soon as you move through this phase and out of this period in your life, it’s very likely this Shadow of protection will move along too.

The Bad Ones

Shadow Spirits can also be dark, human or non-human entities. ( For more information on different types of entities, click here.)

A general rule of thumb is this… if it feels bad to you, it probably is. Trust your gut, so-to-speak. If this Shadow Spirit makes you feel ill, sick to your stomach, causes you physical harm, or causes you to want to do harm to yourself or a loved one, and generally gives off bad Juju, then it’s not good.

The solution to get rid of these Spirits is to remove yourself from the situation you are in either physically, spiritually or emotionally. In addition, it is also recommended to do a soul and space clearing. You can do this by removing toxins from your life of all kinds, saging and cleansing the space, and returning to alignment with your own good energy. Stay away from anything, and anyone, that is toxic for you and surround yourself with good people and good vibes.

These are just a few examples of the types of Shadow Spirits there are or that you may encounter, and the reasons why they may appear to you. As you can see, it’s not all bad. Sometimes it could very well just be the way the light is manifested, or a protective Spirit.

As an energy worker, and a paranormal investigator, it is paramount to understand the different types of Spirits and related energies that you may come across, not only for yourself, but also in an effort to help potential clients. Understanding what is going on in a clients personal life can offer clues to the types of entities, ghosts, spirits, and shadows that may be present. As a result, it gives you the ability to do a more thorough and effective investigation.

I hope you found this helpful! As always, drop a comment or question, and please feel free to share this knowledge with others! Happy Hunting!

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