It is possible to see Spirits in your dreams or even with your eyes closed. It is common for those in Spirit to appear to you through non-physical sight modalities, such as seeing one through your third eye or through meditation. One of my preferred ways to connect to Spirit myself is through meditations.

Although Spirits can also visit you by sensation, sound, touch or through external physical signs, there are different ways to visibly see Spirit with your physical eyes or with your spiritual eyes.

Spirits can appear to you as:

  • A flash of light,
  • A movement out of the corner of your eyes,
  • A full body apparition,
  • A blob-ish shaped figure that doesn’t have a discrete form,
  • An orb of light or a streak, or
  • A shadow.

You and I both have physical bodies and spiritual bodies. To maintain our physical bodies, we intake food and drink, exercise (hopefully), and nourishment. In addition, to maintain our spiritual body, we read, practice yoga, get massages, go to the beach, make music, take vacations, connect with Spirit or find other ways to rejuvenate our souls. We need to feed both our physical body and our spiritual body to maintain an energy state where we are not only living, but thriving.

Once we cross over, and let go of our physical bodies, where we now only operate from our spiritual body. In order to operate as a fully functional spiritual being, we all need to find a way to maintain a certain level of energy. In basic sciences, when you expend any amount of energy, to balance the system, energy output, must be replaced by energy input. This is true for both living and non-living energies.

For example, say we put in a long days work on a Saturday (such as yard work, landscaping, or running a marathon, for example), we may spend Sunday resting, recuperating, drinking water and regaining energy. Those in Spirit, when they expend energy, by gathering up molecules in the environment to appear, speak or communicate with us, they need to replenish it, in order to keep operating.

Not all of those in Spirit access the same energy source, just as all of us, as humans have vastly different ways as to how to rejuvenate the soul.

In general, there are two main types of Spirit which apply to BOTH the Living and Non-Living. They are Light Spirits and Non-Light Spirits.

Before I explain what I mean about Light Spirits and Non-Light Spirits, I would like you to ponder this… in a human body, we are limited in the way in which energy can come in and be accessed, and be released and let go of. Once that ‘container’ is released we are free to gain access from any molecule of energy floating around.

Think about it this way. If we see the human body as a shell, a globe of energetic plasma, or a glass ball of lightning rods, and then once that shell is shattered, the energy is expanded and free to connect with all the other electrons, molecules, and waves from an unlimited number of surrounding sources. Much in the same way, once we are free from our physical bodies, our energy is free to connect and interact with the limitless supply all around.

Light Spirits

Light Spirits are defined, largely, by where they source their energy from and how they replenish it. These are the Spirits that exist in the Divine Light, have fully crossed over, and have access to the Universal Source of Energy which is where they source their energy from. These Spirits include our Spirit Guides, Angels, and deceased Loved Ones that have successfully crossed over. These individuals are therefore connected to an infinite energy source and are completely free and no longer limited by the physical world.

Light Spirits are not limited by the boundaries of the physical world or the level of energy they can access. These beings can travel vast distances with no problem, transcend physical barriers, and yet still connect with humans living on Earth. They can do this flawlessly and easily due to the ease in which they can receive energy. These are the types of Spirits that are easiest to connect to through meditation and the third eye.

Non-Light Spirits

The other group of Spirits are known as the Non-Light Spirits. These are the Spirits who have not crossed over, may not know they have died, or essentially remained earth-bound for a number of reasons. These individuals do not have access to the free floating energy all around us because they do not draw upon the Divine Light, and are cut off from this Spiritual Energy supply.

Because Non-Light Spirits have a limited amount of access to energetic power, they need to receive their energy from another individual or other finite sources. These Spirits will then tend to gravitate towards sources with intense amounts of energy.

Some of these sources are:

  1. Humans ~ Humans who are nearby are often a popular source to draw energy. Many Spirits may find you an attractive free-loading source. You may experience this yourself if you are in a highly active location. Have you ever just felt incredibly drained and tired during or after a paranormal investigation?
  2. Humans with emotional energy ~ Humans who give off a great deal of emotional energy in the presence of a Spirit. This can be any highly charged energy such as fear, excitement, terror, depression and so on. It’s important to remember that emotions are highly charged forms of energy, so releasing a great deal of fearful or scared emotions, for example, in the presence of a Spirit is a beneficial energy source for those in need of it.
  3. Locations ~ A place with a lot of built up residual energy from the presence of humans, such as crowded train stations, hospitals, office buildings, workplaces, university centers, and so on. Basically anywhere there would be large crowds of people. Collectively the more people at a location, the more energy is compacted and easily dispatched.
  4. Electronics ~ Non-Light Spirits will connect with electrical energy to source their own. Lights, computers, televisions, and basically anything connected to a power source becomes a tool to draw energy from. However, using electronic energy is also a common way for our crossed-over loved ones get our attention too.

Those in Spirit get their energy from a variety of sources. Depending on the type of Spirit, the source may come from the unlimited supply known as the Divine Light, or a pinpointed source specific supply which is limited and draws on the resources of others.

As a paranormal investigator, you are likely often only dealing with Non-Light Spirits. I’m sure as an investigator you have experienced the ways in which Non-Light Spirits manipulate and use the energy sources around you and your environment. I know myself, I have had issues with equipment malfunction, drained batteries, blown light bulbs, and physical attributes like headaches and exhaustion.

I hope you found this informative! Please drop a comment below and check out the links here to our Facebook page and YouTube Channel! As always, Happy Hunting!

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